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Narrative writing

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We have been working on narrative writing based on a video called ruin and have written our own adventure stories. We are extremely proud of our work.



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This week we have been learning about fractions in maths. We have begun adding fractions and mixed numbers with the same denominator and have been finding different ways to represent our thinking. 


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This week in maths we have been learning about algebra and have been doing some really challenging questions. Once you get to know how to do it you will find it really easy. Algebra is when you divide, multiply,add and subtract numbers but some of the numbers are replaced with letters and you need to work out how much the letter is worth.

Here are some examples of the algebra questions we have been solving:

Mr Walker orders x boxes of pencils. He gives 30 to the class and orders 2 more. How many has Mr Walker got now?

Mr White order x boxes of sweets .He gives 5 boxes to Mr Walker and he also gives 5 to Miss Stott . How may boxes are sweets are left ?

There are x tubes of slime. Mr Walker stole 7 tubes and then decided to put 2 back. How many tubes of slime is there now?


The Night of Broken Glass.

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This week we have been writing news articles about “the night of the broken glass.” (in German this is called kristallnacht)We have worked really hard and some of us have improved a lot.The night of the broken glass is about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis (German soldiers) smashing the windows,shops and painting the Star of David on Jewish buildings.

By Lana and Keira.


Harvest haikus

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In preparation for the harvest festival,  we’ve been writing haikus. We’re super excited to share them with everyone tomorrow.



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Today Sycamore class have done an arithmetic test and some people doubled or even tripled their last score. This is because we do morning maths every day, which we are proud of, because we get such great results. Even though we are impressed, we are still working extremely hard. Maybe you could do morning maths as well, all you have to do is set out six challenging problems each day. Soon you will start to improve. Morning Maths is a good way to start your day at school, because it doesn’t take long and makes a big difference.

Here are some examples of the type of questions we do in our morning maths:

3.568 + 22.130
15% of 620

13.58 + 4.970

20% of 457

0.3658 + 1.02

This post was written by Frankie B


MUGA Maths.

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This morning Sycamore and Willow decided to take our learning outdoors and started the day with a bracing scavenger hunt on the MUGA.

In our teams we had to hunt for clues and use our logic, reasoning and arithmetic skills to be the first ones with the correct answer to all the problems!

Its been a challenging but fun start to the week.


Reasoning questions in maths

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This morning we have been doing some reasoning questions in maths. Reasoning is important in maths, because it helps understand our methods. When we are doing reasoning, it is good to work in groups, because you can talk about it and help people if they don’t understand or you can listen to other people’s ideas on how to do a question. Our method is A.P.E, which means: answer, prove it, and explain it, it helps you work reasoning questions out easier than before!

Blog post by Ben A. 



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In Sycamore we are very keen for you to come to our coffee morning tomorrow. Here is a very persuasive piece of writing that will hopefully help you  make up your mind.


‘ I strongly believe that you should attend St Augustine’s Macmillan coffee morning,as there will be plenty of fantastic cakes and treats to enjoy.So that you don’t miss out, make sure you are at Clumber hall at 9:00am on September 29th.There will be a massive range of scrumptious treats on offer, therefore make sure you bring enough money to buy whatever takes your fancy.While you are enjoying your yummy Victoria sponge or nibbling a fondant fancy, why not wash it down with a boiling, steaming, hot cup of tea or coffee?Eventhough you will be parting with your hard earned cash, you will be having a fantastic time and raising money for a great cause! Because it’s for charity,your money will go to a good cause. Make sure you are there, so that you can get the tastiest buns you have ever tasted in your entire life. You don’t just have to buy one boring old plain bun, because you can get some with icing and sweets on!’ 

We hope you will come!

blog post by Lana C and Nathan S.


Persuasive texts.

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This week we are beginning to write letters to persuade. We have started to pick out the key features and come up with a toolkit for persuasive writing to make sure we’re super convincing in our arguements.